Not Just a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Is Bankruptcy Right for You

Like a lot of folks, you probably never thought you would face bankruptcy or foreclosure.  You're not alone.  Millions of people have had to face tough financial decisions.  We know how you feel.  Bankruptcy can be distressful and confusing for anyone, but it does not have to define who you are now or in the future.  We will help you through this time and consider whether bankruptcy is right for you.  We can guide you through the process with a team of quality attorneys and professional debt counselors.

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Considering Debt Consolidation/Negotiation

If bankruptcy is not right for you, we can address your debt through debt negotiation with a limited number of creditors or debt consolidation with a group of creditors.  We will help you explore your options.

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Foreclosure/Debt Coaching/Student Loans

Maybe you are not in a position where debt negotiation/settlement or bankruptcy is right for you.  We will help you consider all of your options.  Whether you just need to consider student loan consolidation or just need to establish a budget,

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Not Just a Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer or a debt consolidation company are geared toward one thing, taking your money regardless of whether their service is right for you.  We take a different approach.  We will help you consider the best option for your personal situation.  We will help you understand your options and together we will decide what is best for you.

For over 15 years we have helped thousands of people with their financial problems.  It's all we do.  We will help you decide if bankruptcy makes sense for you, and is the best decision in your personal situation.

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